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Since January, 2018

Bernard van Hoven

Audio Post Production • Mixing Engineer • Media Composer • Music Producer


Bernard van Hoven is experienced in audio post production and a music composer/producer working in Pretoria, South Africa. Bernard completed a three-year Diploma in Music Technology at Emendy Multimedia Technology Institute and has since been working in audio post production for television shows for Via on DSTV. Bernard is proficient in Cubase, Pro Tools and he also has experience in Musescore, enabling him to write music scores.

His most recent work, was final mix of television productions "Eendag S02" and "Outopsie S01".

The media composition work that he has done includes:

  • A percussion only Action sequence and a comparative advertisement comparing a composition for two different target markets, using the same video material.
  • A historical series comparing the evolution of music through the times,covering the medieval, baroque, classic and romantic eras. This particular project entailed the synchronizing of music to video, using material related to the specific time period.
  • A Corporate media production covering four different transitional video clips from the BBC.
  • A TV opening sequence for the series “Halt and Catch Fire”.
  • An orchestral movement of 3 minutes in length in a late romantic style. This orchestral movement was written for a full orchestra and has been written into a score.
  • A Composition for a game trailer, which for this project was “The Crew 2”.
  • An experimental media production that entailed completely restyling a piece of music into a post-modernistic piece.
  • An animation score for the movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.
  • Along with the media production, Bernard has worked with Audio Postproduction including audio editing and sound design. He has also completed a larger project covering most areas of Audio Postproduction.

    This larger project covered recording dialogue and foley, as well as creating sound design, ambience and sound effects and finally composing a score to fit the feel of a movie trailer. The movie trailer used in this particular project was from the film “Oblivion” starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. This project was done in 6 steps, covering each part of the production separately and eventually mixing it all together. The final mix of the project was done in Stereo and 5.1 Surround.

    Bernard has completed multiple electronic music works from 2017 to 2020; these include multiple singles and 2 EP’s. One EP was done in Techno and the other in Drum and Bass and can be found on Soundcloud. The Techno EP was created in his own time whilst studying and the Drum and Bass EP was part of his curriculum.

    He has experience in live sound productions and DJ'ing, participating in a few events in Pretoria and one in Mozambique. His most notable was the Sonop Zef Troue event held by Sonop Christelike Te Huis in Brooklyn, Pretoria. This set was 6 hours long and ran through a multitude of genres from Afrikaans to Deep House and Techno as well as some Golden Oldies.

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